Cedars Golf Course - Lewis County NY
9368 East Road Lowville NY 13367

Public Course 18 Holes


June 3 6-700 club Capt N Crew. 10 am Closed
June 10 Crossroads Tavern capt n crew. CLosed
June 17 Heart Association Capt N Crew Benefit
June 23 Copenhagen Teachers Outing 9 Holes Closed 2 pm
June 24 Croghan K of C Bowling Benefit
June 30 Harrisville Booster Club Closed 9 am
July 1 Guyette Family Outing 9 Holes Closed Noon
July 8-9 Member - Guest Not Closed
July 15 Lowville Booster Club. Closed until 5
July 21 Ft. Drum Outing Noon Start
July 22 Cystic Fibrosis Benefit
July 28 Night Golf Benefit Register @7pm
July 29 Copenhagen Open 7:30am Course Closed
July 29 Beaver River Wrestling Benefit 3pm Course Closed
Aug. 5 Twins Capt N Crew Closed
Aug. 6 Neena Outing 9am 40 players Not Closed
Aug. 11 FT Drum Outing Noon Start
Aug. 12 Dick Guyette Benefit Capt N Crew Closed
Aug. 25 DOT Outing 9 am NOT CLOSED
Aug. 26 Croghan Legion Capt N Crew course closed
Aug. 27 Search and Rescue outing NOT CLOSED
Sept.9 Volunteer Transportation Center Benefit Course Closed until 4 pm
Sept.30th Closing Party 10 AM Please sign up at Clubhouse COURSE CLOSED ALL DAY

Cedars Golf Course • 9368 East Road • Lowville, NY 13367 • (315) 376-6267